Saturday, March 14, 2015

Everyone loves the French Horn - Ego Trip #3

Once more from July 4th, 2013, comes this Fantasy from the depths of my brain.

The Fantasy in G Minor for Piano and French Horn is a ten-minute-long, single movement work in an expanded Sonata form. There is a slow introduction which anticipates the coming thematic material, as well as develops its own. The following Allegro is an exercise in Romantic-era counterpoint; with two distinct theme groups (like one would expect from a Sonata-form movement) followed by an extended development which continues through to the end of the movement encompassing the recapitulation and coda. Because it's me, contrapuntal and even fugal sections abound, alongside long pedal points. Also because I don't play the French Horn, I abuse the player by assuming that they can hold their breath for minutes on end while playing repeated horn calls.

Truly, I am an awful human being. At least to the brass.

That being said, James Robertson and Mike McKay did a phenomenal job with it. Here, you can hear it for yourself:

Some notes about the performance tempi. The opening Adagio Mesto was performed much quicker than I'd envisioned it. That being said, I love it all the same; it works extremely well at that speed, and Mike and James did a brilliant job with the arpeggiation. Similarly, the accelerando into the recapitulation was decided on by the performers - and again, I love that choice, even if I didn't write it. The recap / fugato was intended (as written) to keep the pace of the development.

And for those interested in the score:

Piano score PDF
Horn part
And as usual: the license.

Creative Commons License
Fantasy in G Minor by Mike Cutler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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