Monday, December 8, 2014

First post, and first offering

So, I've decided to make my music available online. And also, to write a blog. Go me. We'll try and keep posting regularly, although "regularly" right now - just before a week of organ tuning, just before Christmas - is probably not often.

Anyway. The first piece of music I want to present to the world is this four-part hymn I set five years ago as part of my hymn project. My 2009 hymn project was an effort to improve my compositional skills by following a quote of Robert Schumann's, where he opines that the German parliament should pass a law forbidding composers to publish any work before they published an edition of good four-part chorales - that in so doing we might have better sonatas. And so, I wrote sixty hymn tunes. This isn't one of those sixty; instead, through my research I came in to contact with the writings of Robert Lowry and decided to set this hymn to some new (and hopefully interesting) music. But it's reasonably concurrent with the sixty.

And do please let me know if you use it!

(if anyone would like a PDF file, just let me know)


Creative Commons License
Text by Robert Lowry, and is in the public domain

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