Friday, June 17, 2016

Hymn Tune Preludes #2 - St. Petersburg

So after last week's longer, more meditative piece, this week is a much shorter, more diatonic, and perhaps more functional work.

My writing project led me to open a hymnal and the first hymn I liked, I set. So this week, we get St. Petersburg, a Prelude (or suitable Introduction) thereupon.

Short, sweet, fun, and a bit tricky. Here's the score!

PDF can be found over here!

So this piece consists of a little pattern that the right hand plays three times over, derived from the hymn, which accompanies the tune in the left hand. In the video I use the softer Swell (coupled to the Pedal, as well) with 8, 4, 2, and Nasat, alongside the Great principle chorus up to the Mixture, which seems to give a nice, bright sound. I'd definitely use this to introduce the hymn, given the chance - why not? It can be used to set the pace, the tonality, and make everyone aware of the familiar tune!

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Until next week.

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