Friday, January 16, 2015

Hymn harmonization

Here's a fun little number. Quelle est cette odeur agréable is a French Christmas carol. I wrote today, for the choir at Crescent Fort Rouge United, three verse settings (we're singing it as an anthem next week) - a new four part harmonization; a three-part setting with the men having the melody and the women's parts having an offset rhythm, and a unsion/descant verse. I may at some point formally link them with (out-of-copyright) words and make a proper anthem.

Meanwhile, here they are!

The four-part setting is straightforward; nothing unusual here, really, except possibly the harmonies if you're not use to this sort of thing.

My theory teachers might have had small fits at it, but I think it flows nicely.

The three-part setting is a bit trickier. I'm a touch hesitant to put it here because the harmonies are incomplete - it can stand alone, but there should be some accompaniment filling in the harmonic structure, at least a little here and there. The descant even moreso, of course. On the other hand, neither are as chromatic as the above, so harmonizing them should be a bit simpler.

The three-part offset-rhythm setting:

And melody-with-descant.

All three are available in a single PDF here

Thanks, and keep watching for further updates, more hymns, and maybe something that's NOT organ- or church-related at some point.

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