Friday, December 11, 2015

Voluntary in B-flat Major

So. A trio. (Link to the PDF)

You'll need a thirty-note pedalboard - or not. Octave shifts are fine.

In the midst of this Christmas season, as I prepare for a big choir concert and to play a major Mozart piano concerto (on the organ, with a bunch of flute players) in addition to all the other work that comes at Christmas, I'm suffering a right-shoulder rotator-cuff injury. Not to mention general exhaustion and tiredness. Quite fun. So I thought I'd write a little fugue in the trio style because it seemed like the thing to do.
I'm still writing! Because writing is a lot of fun for me. So while this little voluntary occupied me for a while, both walking and writing, I was also relaxing. Napping, watching the archives of the Brothers Green, and putting virtual notes on virtual paper.

I'm going to try for two more this year. Two weeks from today is Christmas Day, and I may skip that week (or just do it on the 26th) for obvious reasons. Three weeks from today is, well, next year, but I will also be out of town and away from the office, so if I don't prepare something ahead of time, I won't have something for January first! (who knows?)

End blog post!

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