Friday, May 6, 2016

Voluntary in E minor - Introduction and fugato for a final voluntary!

It's a 4-page PDF!

This is a long one, as is probably appropriate for Voluntary #24! So I thought I'd add some remarks before the images, instead of afterwards.

What an interesting project this has been! I've had such fun writing these Voluntaries, got some great comments, went a little viral with a pedal solo, made a bit of money (not as much as I would have liked... donation button at the bottom of the post to support the third set of 24!) and developed a lot of technique. I feel that after a year of writing music almost every week that I'm better disciplined, that my tonal language has expanded, and that I'm just generally better at what I do. I even think that my improvisations have been sharpened.

So it's time to shift gears. I have a project to complete for a donor, which I'll hopefully have finished next week to publish, and then I have a couple larger projects to deal with. I'm getting married in August! I'm writing all the much for the service! I'm going to continue to write an organ work every week, although they won't be quite as structured as this. I won't start my next set of 24 until after I'm good and married, because then if I have to take a couple weeks off, I won't feel like I'm falling behind a major project.

Thanks to all those who have been following along, offering advice and criticism, trying out my work, expressing their enthusiasm to hear performances and recordings. Which will come!

24 Preludes and 24 Voluntaries are complete. For your viewing pleasure - Voluntary #24 in E Minor.

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