Friday, February 19, 2016

Voluntary in F-sharp Major - Fugue interrupted

So it's been a while since I wrote a fugue. Parts of a fugue exist in my Trio in C (for piano, flute and 'cello, not a three-part organ work) and the Introduction and Fughetta (for the same group), the Prelude in F-sharp Minor from the previous set is a fugue, and the Voluntaries in B-flat Major and C Minor are fugue-like. This one is ... still not a full-on fugue; instead it incorporates small episodes on a secondary keyboard in between subject expositions. So! here's a fugue with little homophonic episodes cut in for interest!

Given the rather extensive chromaticism I chose to negate the key signature for six bars rather than deal with the somewhat horrific number of accidentals that would be required. 

It occurs to me that I should be writing more fugues. Hm. An idea for the next set of 24, perhaps? After all, they're good for the brain.

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