Friday, April 8, 2016

Voluntary in F-sharp Minor - Fantasy on the Hexachord

Fantasy on a PDF!

So I decided that I would use the hexachord, kind of, for a voluntary. The hexachord is usually a reference to ut (or do) - re - mi - fa - sol - la, a six-note scalar pattern. I'm following on the centuries-old heels of my Renaissance-era predecessors, writing on a simple repeated pattern - although the pattern is transposed, stepping up with every repetition, and isn't really found in it's "natural" form except once, near the end.

We have here a four-voice work, with the bass (pedals) and the soprano reiterating this hexachord pattern up and down, and the alto and tenor getting slowly more and more agitated heading towards its final conclusion.

And speaking of final conclusions: Four more voluntaries to go, and I'll be done a second set of 24! D major, B minor, G major, and finally, E minor are all that's left to cover. I'm kind of excited!

The stuff at the end of every post is at the end of this one, too:

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