Friday, April 29, 2016

Voluntary in G Major - Fun with sevenths

Here's a PDF!

It's a beautiful morning, I'm up early, and I just sent my partner to Toronto because she wants to learn to make more documentaries.

This is one that bugged me for a while. I've been living with this melodic idea for a couple weeks, wondering how to make it work. So this is an experimental effort - which, in reality, is the point of this project, not just to write more of the same, but to try on some different ideas.

I've long been fascinated by the major seventh as a piece of a melodic and/or harmonic language, looking for ways to make use of it. This piece is a little... heavy handed with it - the main motif outlines the major seventh chord, it cadences on the major seventh in several places (including finally), the harmonies make use of it - but even so, I like the sound of it. Maybe because it's a blissfully short voluntary.

Next week is my final "voluntary!" Then I'm on to the next project.

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