Friday, April 15, 2016

Voluntary in D Major - Pedal exercises?

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My forty-fifth weekly organ piece, and finally I get to a piece of pedalwork. I've tried it - it works. And by and large, it works with alternating toes. This was fun to hammer out, since I don't write at the organ; there was a lot of rewriting and testing, and making sure that it was possible. And it is!

It seems that I've only been able to write one sort of single-line piece for the organ to date, the moto perpetuo. I need to expand my repertoire in that direction a little bit, I think. I've written several pieces for the flute alone and they're interesting and varied (in my own not-at-all humble opinion). However, one of the more interesting things to do on the organ is to mess with textures, and when writing pieces that naturally limit textural options there's only so much that one can do.

I think to Dénis Bédard's Trois esquisses pour le pédale seul, which are three lovely and varied works, and I wonder if maybe I shouldn't be doing something like that. Another idea to file away for another time...

At any rate. Here's the Voluntary in D. Three more "voluntaries" to go, and then my next 24-piece project begins!

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  1. 1. Cool!
    2. Argh, accidentals!!!
    3. I'll have to check out the Bédard pieces
    4. Do you know Persichetti's Sonatina for Pedals? Here's the second movement

    Rob (Passow)

    1. 1. Thanks!
      2. Yep.
      3. Do! Here's Bédard's catalogue:
      4. I do not. Or did not. That's rather nice.