Friday, April 22, 2016

Voluntary in B Minor - Harmonic games and twelve-tone rows

PDF behind this link!

So I'm reasonably sure this won't be as popular as last week's offering, but that's fine, I'm not doing this project for anything but my own edification, and this was rather edifying. Kind of fun, too!

The concept on this voluntary is very simple. There's a harmonic progression happening below, above, or around a constant note, and at cadential points there's a quick melodic turn through all twelve chromatic notes to land on the new pedal point. This voluntary is more about effect, something like a dramatic (hammy?) entrance, than it is about the notes themselves - not that the notes should be ignored, of course.

The processes in getting recordings set up are underway. Soon!

Legal stuff and a reminder: I'm almost done the second set of weekly pieces, which means I'm almost starting on the third set! If you want to throw me a little tip to make that process simpler, it would be highly appreciated.

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