Friday, January 8, 2016

Voluntary in E-flat Major

Kind of chant based, sort of. Not really. (PDF link)

This publication is dedicate to Lokistarwind, a friend and supporter from the Let's Play community! Thanks for everything, Loki!

This short little aria is loosely based on the short chant that bookends it. The chant came first. The ideas of putting it in 7/8 and in five-bar phrases stemmed from a sadomasochistic streak, apparently. It doesn't switch the beat too often, anyway. When I play it myself, the feeling of the Allegretto section is very light and floaty. I do use a solo stop and soft strings to accompany, which I feel adds to the lightness of the whole work.

All in all I feel it's a pretty straightforward and uncomplicated way to start 2016! All the best to the new year!

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