Friday, March 11, 2016

Voluntary in G-sharp Minor - Rhythmic intensity?

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Once more I go to the well of techniques from the games of my youth, this week playing with a more repetitive, driving idea. The left hand can be very light, providing rhythmic intensity while harmonic tension comes from the legato chords in the right.

Of course, if this were proper '80s or '90s chiptune music, it would loop without end, but I think that my left hand would seize up before I could make it through a second repetition. Someone with a less-damaged left hand would do better, probably, but even then there are limits to endurance.

The piece is intended to be played on two manuals, but with only one the only overlap is in measures 35-36; I'd suggest just dropping the low B from the right hand rather than worrying about holding it through the repetition.

So that's that! Next week, E Major.

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